RRC (rrc) wrote,

Business travel

So I'm now just over halfway through a fortnight away from home for work.

Last Sunday I flew to Mountain View, and spent the week in the 'plex very busy with meetings and work and social events with co-workers.

Yesterday (Saturday) I spent traveling to Boulder, CO. My first time flying over a substantial part of the continental United States (the direct flights SFO-LHR go over canada and down the west coast) Much Mountains, So Empty. Wow.

But today (Sunday), I have the whole day to myself. I'm keenly aware that my family are > 4,500miles away. Business travel can be so depressingly lonely at times.

The rest of the week goes something like Mond-Tues, work in Boulder. Wed, travel to New York. Thu-Fri work in New York, Friday night very late, get on the red-eye flight back to London, to get home around saturday midday.
Tags: travel
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