RRC (rrc) wrote,

Android Apps

These are the Android Apps I use regularly or like to have available:

  • AndFTP - Excellent SFTP/SCP & FTP client.
  • Barcode Scanner - For all your QRcode scanning needs
  • Call Meter 3G - Keeps track of what your phone is costing you.
  • DiskUsage - The Android equivalent of Disk Inventory X - a pretty face on du.
  • Gmail - Excellent client if your mail is in Gmail, I've no idea how the non-gmail mail clients compare.
  • Google Chrome to Phone - Send links directly to the android browser from your desktop Chrome broswer. I think there is also a plugin for Firefox to to the same.
  • Google Music - Keep all your music "in the cloud" and stream, download, cache on demand - available to anyone who can sign up from a US ip address.
  • Google Maps - Needs no introduction.
  • Google Reader - Google Reader Client.
  • Google Sky Map - Point your phone at the sky and identify the constellations.
  • Klaxon Oncall Pager - If you really really want to know when you receive an SMS (written by a coworker).
  • Moon+ Reader - Excellent eBook reading app for multiple DRM free formats.
  • Note Everything - A random note taking application.
  • OurGroceries - Excellent shared shopping list app (with a web UI aswell).
  • OI File Manager - Just another file manager.
  • QuickSSHd - Access your phones filesystem via SSH/SFTP - a more secure alternative to AirDroid.
  • Rescan Media - Force a media scan - useful if the Gallery or other apps can't see media files you have copied onto the device.
  • Search Light - Your phone is now a torch - I typically use this several times a day.
  • Simon Tatham's Puzzles - A great collection of puzzle games
  • TweetDeck - Excellent Twitter/Facebook client, but updates have been sadly few and far between since they were acquired by twitter.
  • Toddler Lock - Toddler Distraction App.
  • Wifi Analyzer - Scans for wifi networks - useful for finding a free channel, now also supports 5Ghz if your device does.
  • Wordsmith Free - Like Words With Friends - but less buggy and with up to 4 players, now also available for iPhone.
  • Yata! Yet Another Timer App - Countdown (egg) timer.
Tags: android
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