Business travel

So I'm now just over halfway through a fortnight away from home for work.

Last Sunday I flew to Mountain View, and spent the week in the 'plex very busy with meetings and work and social events with co-workers.

Yesterday (Saturday) I spent traveling to Boulder, CO. My first time flying over a substantial part of the continental United States (the direct flights SFO-LHR go over canada and down the west coast) Much Mountains, So Empty. Wow.

But today (Sunday), I have the whole day to myself. I'm keenly aware that my family are > 4,500miles away. Business travel can be so depressingly lonely at times.

The rest of the week goes something like Mond-Tues, work in Boulder. Wed, travel to New York. Thu-Fri work in New York, Friday night very late, get on the red-eye flight back to London, to get home around saturday midday.

Android Apps

These are the Android Apps I use regularly or like to have available:

  • AndFTP - Excellent SFTP/SCP & FTP client.
  • Barcode Scanner - For all your QRcode scanning needs
  • Call Meter 3G - Keeps track of what your phone is costing you.
  • DiskUsage - The Android equivalent of Disk Inventory X - a pretty face on du.
  • Gmail - Excellent client if your mail is in Gmail, I've no idea how the non-gmail mail clients compare.
  • Google Chrome to Phone - Send links directly to the android browser from your desktop Chrome broswer. I think there is also a plugin for Firefox to to the same.
  • Google Music - Keep all your music "in the cloud" and stream, download, cache on demand - available to anyone who can sign up from a US ip address.
  • Google Maps - Needs no introduction.
  • Google Reader - Google Reader Client.
  • Google Sky Map - Point your phone at the sky and identify the constellations.
  • Klaxon Oncall Pager - If you really really want to know when you receive an SMS (written by a coworker).
  • Moon+ Reader - Excellent eBook reading app for multiple DRM free formats.
  • Note Everything - A random note taking application.
  • OurGroceries - Excellent shared shopping list app (with a web UI aswell).
  • OI File Manager - Just another file manager.
  • QuickSSHd - Access your phones filesystem via SSH/SFTP - a more secure alternative to AirDroid.
  • Rescan Media - Force a media scan - useful if the Gallery or other apps can't see media files you have copied onto the device.
  • Search Light - Your phone is now a torch - I typically use this several times a day.
  • Simon Tatham's Puzzles - A great collection of puzzle games
  • TweetDeck - Excellent Twitter/Facebook client, but updates have been sadly few and far between since they were acquired by twitter.
  • Toddler Lock - Toddler Distraction App.
  • Wifi Analyzer - Scans for wifi networks - useful for finding a free channel, now also supports 5Ghz if your device does.
  • Wordsmith Free - Like Words With Friends - but less buggy and with up to 4 players, now also available for iPhone.
  • Yata! Yet Another Timer App - Countdown (egg) timer.

Bye bye California

So I'm flying home again in a couple of hours time. It's been an interesting couple of weeks, but It'll be good to get home to the family again.

It's been hot and sunny the whole time I've been here up until last night, unseasonably so I'm told. It was 34C in San Francisco on Monday - thankfully the office is air conditioned.

Photo album from the whole trip is here - it doesn't contain anything particularly stunning, just lots of snapshots taken with a phone (A Nexus One).

Looking forward to getting home and seeing the family, not looking forward to the inevitable jet-lag, looking forward to putting to use all the stuff I've learned when I get back to the office next week.

From Mountain View & San Francisco, September 2010


I am in California this week and next, This week in Mountain View, next week in San Francisco.

I'm staying in a corporate apartment, and either catching the bus or cycling to work in the mornings.

Its about 10 years since I was in california last, and I've never been to MTV before. First impressions are that its very well manicured - clean and green. Nicer then I remember Oakland being. The freeways are a lot smoother now than I remember them being as well.

There's an amazing 2nd hand bookshop in town, with the largest SF/F section I've seen in any bookshop anywhere. Just as well for our shelves at home that I have no book budget and no space to pack books in my luggage at the moment :-)

I've stuck some pictures from my trip online at and I may add more.

I took the shuttle into work on tuesday morning, but was able to collect a visitors bike in the afternoon, so with the aid of google-maps cycle-navigation I was able to cycle home to my apartment in the evening. This is the route I took The Stevens Creek trail is lovely, and it has been a joy to cycle in Mountain View so far. The roads are wide and smooth, and there are marked cyclepaths along the edges of most roads.

Mostly I've been avoiding the worst effects of Jetlag, but I'm not looking forward to the jetlag going home.

I don't have much time for sightseeing here in Mountain View but will have the weekend to myself in San Francisco. I'll see how it goes.


New Phone

My old phone has been getting steadily more frustrating to use as its joystick has been dieing a slow death. This happened to it before and I got the joystick replaced under warranty, but it's more then 2 years old now and no longer covered.

I've been on a SIM only Vodafone contact for the last while, so I wondered into town to see if I could get any kind of deal, and wa-hay, in return for signing up for 18 months at almost the same monthly cost I've got a shiny new phone with that killer feature - a D-Pad instead of a Joystick. I have high hopes of longevity from this handset (my last two phones have been replaced mainly due to dead joysticks).
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insecure encryption

Would you entrust your password database to this level of security?

function encrypt(inputTxt)
      'ASCII codes are 48-57 is 0 to 9 (10)
      '56-90' is A to Z (26)
      '97-122' is a to z (26)
      '62 characters to encrypt
      outputTxt = ""
      for i = 1 to len(inputTxt)
              'get each letter
              letter = mid(inputTxt,i,1)
              'use the length of the word to create a number
              jump = 1 + len(inputTxt) - i
              'move forward jump number of characters in ascii
              ANSIval = Asc(letter) + jump;
              newVal = Chr(ANSIval)
              'write the word out backwards
              outputTxt = newVal & outputTxt
      encrypt = escape(outputTxt)
end function

No, I thought not...




I just got some bizarre junk (snail) mail. Catalogs for holiday cottages delivered to:

Rune Collier O.B.E.
my work address

When did my middle name become my first, and when was I decorated? This is all news to me :-)
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IPv6, we haz some

I brought up our (works) first IPv6 peering session last night, its quite exciting really.

Neighbor        V    AS MsgRcvd MsgSent   TblVer  InQ OutQ Up/Down  State/PfxRcd
                4  6453   28228     720     3242    0    0 11:54:10     1033

If anyone out there has a working IPv6 connection they could try pinging 2A02:230::1 - the loopback address on our border router.

For my next trick I need to start pushing IPv6 support further into our network then the border router loopback interface :-)